Create your own Living Memorial

Members of Labour Corps around the world are often forgotten, their names lost in time. Get together with your local community and create your own 'Living Memorial' to remember The Unremembered of the First World War. What is a Living Memorial? A ‘Living Memorial’ is...

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100 years on SS Mendi tragedy commemorated

Big Ideas have this week launched ‘The Unremembered: World War One’s Army of Workers’, to honour the courage and sacrifice of labourers from China, South Africa, UK and many other lands. A special commemoration event on the 17th February marked the centenary of the sinking of the SS Mendi and the legendary courage of over 600 black South Africans who were travelling to serve at the Western Front and were drowned.

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Pocahontas 2017 launched by US Ambassador

Pocahontas 2017 is a public season marking the 400th anniversary of the presence in England of an extraordinary Native American woman who lived and died at the collision of two very different worlds. Her compelling story enables us to reflect on issues still relevant to us all.

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